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Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic is an open, decentralized, and permissionless public blockchain, that aims to fulfill the original promise of Ethereum, as a platform where smart contracts are free from third-party interference. ETC prioritizes trust-minimization, network security, and integrity. All network upgrades are non-contentious with the aim to fix critical issues or to add value with newly proposed features; never to create new tokens, or to bail out flawed smart contracts and their interest groups.

Classic Ether Market & Trading Discussion

Ethereum has forked and moved to a new chain. This sub is for the discussion of the Ethereum chain which didn't move the coins.

I have recently translated to polish. Polish translation is the only one complete in 100% ATM. I have also created a crowdsourcing campaign to fix all my mistakes and paid BCH for every mistake made.

I have recently translated to Polish in the most complete way possible - meaning all texts/labels that were available to translate were translated.
I am proud to say that polish translation is the most complete one (I have an insider view into the translation system, so I know).
I have also run a crowdsourcing campaign on polish Bitcoin forums to fix all my grammar mistakes and paid polish community BCH for found problems - in total about 1.5 BCH spent.
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I have just instantly ordered some take-out for BCH in rural Poland using BitPay/0-conf. You can now do that in multiple european countries.

I have just ordered take-out in rural Poland. Thanks to BitPay, you can do that in multiple European countries.
Original thread on Polish Bitcoin Forum
You can order pizza, kebab and other food. It really works, people.
Great times to live in ! Bitcoin Cash for the win !
Here is the full list of available food services (surely not all of them):
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Dzie so bitkojny z bitmarketa.

Dzie so bitkojny z bitmarketa.
Analiza blockchain. Nie chcę wrzucać wykresu, bo nie starczy strony do jej wyświetlenia. Nie wiem czy Ci co badają blockchain zdają sobie sprawę (ufam, że zdają) że portfele na które trafiły btc, są też portfelami innych giełd i jakichś kasyn typu x2 BTC DUEL. Dlatego czasem dalsze śledzenie łańcucha, nie ma najmniejszego sensu, bo co z tego że kryptowaluta dalej jest w obiegu, skoro należy już do kogoś innego.
Jeżeli zakładamy, że portfele na które trafiały złotówki to (info tutaj):
32XWB7Khpf2MuUaykhsZf69ST4Q2JmHMZE1JdB4jeZ6GTR3XDgkcGPCNmFQzNjBhcDHb12cgpFdJViXbwHbhrA3TuW1EGnL25Zqc3P (Poloniex)
To wynikowymi portfelami BTC, wszystkich transakcji z dodatnim saldem (albo na tę chwilę to BYŁY, bo portfele są opróżniane) są: – 1HtenjX9mRasDuzjQD7W2tGideuArsQgVy (6 BTC) – 1NDyJtNTjmwk5xPNhjgAMu4HDHigtobu1s (portfel wymiany Binance) – 3GVhiwUQugF31PdijuUQGtvKnvtSqwqRqE (saldo 621 BTC) który „otworzył” portfel 34owkCjtbP3RqrxkezEGQbVL1UpkcjoNon, z którego 180 BTC poszło na – 3PfBZHXPYFX9dAEEhznb3i37WNCKjtkh9X (obecnie portfel pusty) No i zatrzymałem się na portfelu 3PfBZHXPYFX9dAEEhznb3i37WNCKjtkh9X.
Na zwrócenie uwagi wymagają 2 portfele, które mają sztywne wykresy bez historii wcześniejszych transakcji:
pierwszy – 3GVhiwUQugF31PdijuUQGtvKnvtSqwqRqE
drugi – 3PfBZHXPYFX9dAEEhznb3i37WNCKjtkh9X
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The 'Tippening' day 11: Polish edition. So I got inspired by you guys and did a Polish version of tippening on largest Bitcoin forum.

Result: 48h total run (started at New Year's Eve and ended 01.01.2018 23:59), and around 2000 PLN (polish goldens) = ~555 USD spent.
I'm not very good with this type of things, but I think the overall reception was very positive.
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Biggest polish cryptocurrency exchange - BitBay is going to add ponzi scheme's company coin and claims that Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bittrex are going to add it too

On one of polish reddit-like portal and biggest polish bitcoin forum BitBay officials said that they are going to add Futuro coin.
Interesting fact is that FuturoCoin is project of pyramid scheme/ponzi scheme's company called FutureNet.
Also, BitBay claims that exchanges like Bitfinex, Poloniex, Binance, Kraken, Bittrex are gonna add it too (full list in screenshot with statement).
Here statement:
Img statement:
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What happened:
Long story short: BTC-e forced everyone to change their passwords via link they send you to your e-mail due to ''security reasons'', if you did not changed it in time, your password expired. Turns out I lost access to my e-mail (2fa, phone lost), BTC-e closed my last ticket (with no answer) to change my e-mail where I sum up everything they asked me to do previously (and everything they asked me to do I DID) in order to change my e-mail, their last contact was 28th february, 11 days ago, that is 264 hours now, not 72 they give themselves to answer, they probably illegally blocked me from my funds by voiding my password through expiration without my consent and do not want to change my e-mail in order to restore my access after I fulfilled every single of their demands.
Detailed story:
BTC-e expired everyone passwords, assuming they did not changed them in time, and demands to change them via link they send to your email associated with your BTC-e accocunt. In order to change my password, I have to log to my email which I do very rarely (explanation further ahead). My e-mail is being protected by 2fa, phone is lost and as result, I can't access my email. I tried to recover my e-mail through Google, all I've got is automatic confirmation that they accepted the request and it takes them usually 3-5 days to respond. It's been about 2 weeks right now, no response and I am not sure if they will respond at all. Sent them another account recovery ticket, we will see what happens.
In meantime, I asked BTC-e for help, they responded and told me that they will have to manually change my e-mail and will need informations about my account: transaction history, methods of deposit, history of ip entries etc. After fulfilling their request, they asked for screenshots to the exchange transactions deposits from my wallet and I did that as well. Then they asked for deposit from the same address and the same wallet I use to deposit funds to BTC-e. Unable to do that at first (since Multibit HD does not allow you to choose specific address to send from just like that and at that time I had little knowledge about wallets since never before I had any problems to deal with and basic knowledge how to send/receive was enough), I proposed them that I could prove my ownership by signing address and all they would have to do is to verify it. In said proposal, I included address with message and signature.
Their response? ''send coins from the wallet xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'' where x's is the address I signed and used to deposit coins to my BTC-e account before I lost access to it, so basically their answer was ''no'', judging from how they totally ignored my proposal. After sending them another message where again I inform them that it is impossible (that is what I thought so at that time, believing I can't send deposit from specific address) to do so and once again offer to prove my ownership by signing address, they told me to contact gmail to restore my email access. After asking for help how to send coins from specific address, I managed to send coins from address they asked for, all I had to do was to empty all addresses in my wallet form coins and send them back to address I wanted to use, so only that one specific address would contain any coins. Not really hard, little bothersome, but shame I did not know that earlier, it would save me a lot of time. After that, BTC-e remain silent and do not answer me (1st ticket was closed automatically due to me not responding in time as I was gathering all the data BTC-e asked for, but that was not an issue as I provided all the data they asked for from 1st ticket in 2nd ticket that is the one being most well documented and being ignored and 3rd was closed without answer, maybe because they considered it spam, as I had in total 2 tickets where I ask to change my e-mail, but if they had time to close it, they should have time to answer the second one they did not answer for so long). They say that it could take them 72 hours to answer, well, their last answer was over 10 days ago and I've fulfilled their last request 6 days ago, informing them about it. I even opened another ticket (that was the 3rd one) asking for e-mail change and sum up everything they asked me for (and everything they asked for, I have fulfilled). That was 3 days ago and on the second(!) day they closed that ticket with no answer, conclusion is simple - they simply ignore me now.
Scammers Profile Link:;u=33012
PM/Chat Logs:
About 6000$ according to current prices.
Additional Notes:
On 02.10.16, BTC-e admin announced changes related to the use of passwords, meaning they will expire and will have to be changed. Here is full announcement:
Quote Update: Security
02.10.16 08:54 from admin Please, be aware of the latest important changes in our security policies:
  1. Security:
Due to the increased cases of account hacking we decided to implement some changes related to the use of passwords:
1.1. Starting from September 30, 2016 all BTC-e accounts will undergo the password changing procedure. - On your first login to account you will see a notification that your password has expired. You will be asked to reset your password. A message with a confirmation link will be sent to your e-mail. You must click this link in order to receive a new password. Make sure you save your new password in a secure location, otherwise you will have to recover the password again. - After the first password reset your account will not be blocked. But if you reset your password for the 2nd time and further your account will be blocked for 48 hours (the standard blocking according to BTC-e rules). 1.2. Changing the password from within your BTC-e account: - If you are already logged in to your account and you remember your current password, you can change it via the Edit section of your BTC-e profile. Go to and click Reset Password. A message with a confirmation link will be sent to your e-mail. You must click this link to get a new password. Make sure you save your new password in a secure location. 1.3. Password Expiration: You will need to reset your password every 6 months. After this procedure your account will not be blocked. 1.4. We added an automatic e-mail notification to inform you of failed login attempts to your account. 1.5. The option of using an own password is added. To change the password you need to go to the "Edit" section and press the “Own password” button. The following message will be displayed: “Further instructions were sent to your email address”. You will need to click the link in the email and enter your old and new password. The requirements for a new password are as follows: minimum length: 12 characters; at least one uppercase letter; at least one lower case letter; at least one number. Make sure to save the new password.
  1. BTC-e code:
The following terms and conditions take effect as of September 30th 2016.
2.1. When creating a BTC-e code you can specify the username of the BTC-e customer, who can redeem this code. If the username is correct, the code can only be redeemed by this specific user (or the user who created the code). If the specified username is invalid (spelling error or the username does not exist within BTC-e), the code can only be redeemed by the user who created the code. If the Username field is left blank, then the code can be redeemed by any BTC-e user who receives it (as well as by the user who created the code).
2.2. Expiration of BTC-e codes: - BTC-e codes will be active for 120 days since creation. If no one redeems a code within 120 days, the code will become inactive. An inactive code can only be redeemed by the user who created it. For BTC-e codes created after January 1, 2016 the 120 days of lifetime will be counted starting from September 30th 2016.
Best Regards, BTC-e Support
I do not know if said operation was needed and if it was right thing to do to implement it. What I care for is fact, that we are not obligated to track BTC-e news and check our e-mails every week to be updated on what is going on, as nobody expects that exchange will simply void your password just like that, and, as a result, block access to your account. Since I exclusively play long, I only log to my e-mail associated with my BTC-e account in order to take a look at transactions/do some technical stuff regarding my BTC-e account and it happens VERY rarely. Last time I logged on was months ago and when I visit BTC-e site, I only take a look at trade page to see what the current prices are. It is then pretty self explanatory that one could not know about this operation at all and as long as you could argue that it is in your own good interest to keep track of the exchange you use, I hardly see how letting people know in advance about expiring passwords justifies anything, because way BTC-e handles problems that emerged regarding passwords expiration is, to be straightforward, simple theft, ill will or malicious intend, call it whatever you want, as they offer you no way out of this regrettable situation, prolonging this whole ''e-mail change procedure'', obviously hoping that they will discourage your further efforts to regain access to your money. After you hard-press them, they start to pretend you don't exist.
Being ware that I could be the one who is wrong here, I offer my apologize to BTC-e in such case, but for now, my stance on this is clear. After ignoring me for 11 days, I warned them that I will publish this and eventually take legal action against them. They chose to continue this. We will see what comes next.
Edit 1: They started to loop their messages Also, they deleted my post in their official russian thread: I issued them negative feedback that will be deleted AFTER they resolve my request: Edit 2: Again, they deleted another my post:
Edit 3: BTC-e is not giving a damn and they are not going to resolve my request:
Edit 4: No point in keeping in touch with them and ask to fulfill their obligation. Also, since posting my correspondance with BTC-e starts to resemble soap opera by now, this will be last update regarding our messages until they send me something significant: (also, notice how they still stubbornly argue that I want to restore access to my email, while I want to change it).
Edit 5: I have started spreading the word further:
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Hey guy question pls i wanna register to this site asking me to 3+1 in world santosh pls help /r/Bitcoincash

Hey guy question pls i wanna register to this site asking me to 3+1 in world santosh pls help /Bitcoincash submitted by ABitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

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I was just banned from Polish Bitcoin Forums. Another censored forum: Check ☑

(From all sections other than Bitcoin Cash)
Achievement unlocked!
They have been trying to ban me for a long time. So now they succeeded. After 9 years, goodbye.
I guess I should open the champaign.
Another censored forum: Check ☑
New badge of honor: Check ☑
PS. The (the same domain as the forum has) site has been advertising scams notoriously for months or a year now, which of course I never failed to point out (among other forum users), which was probably the real reason why I was banned (not because I was constantly pointing out the fact that LN doesn't work and BTC is not real Bitcoin or that I was somewhat impolite by pointing out people behave like morons there).
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By executing a bounty airdrop, a startup can create mass awareness about their project, token sale or pre-ICO with minimal cost to them. Social media campaigns allow the project to become visible to people who would otherwise never recognize its existence. Airdrops can also create a vast network of users who are motivated to push a project’s success by doing things together like winning community votings for exchange listings.
By rewarding token owners with free airdrops, projects can also encourage users to hold (HODL) their coin for the long-term. This can effectively lower the selling pressure of the coin. Holder airdrops have been a popular tactic amongst some of the most successful crypto projects, like NXT, WAVES, Bitcore and more.

How do I claim airdrops?

The claim process differs from project to project. Some “holder drops” will drop tokens automatically into the wallets of users who own a specific coin. Other projects are snapshot based, and can only be claimed by users who held the required token during the snapshot, which is a record of token holders taken at a specific time/block.
An example of a holder airdrop is Byteball, which was initially distributed to Bitcoin holders. They also airdropped a monthly amount of Bytes into the wallets of Byteball holders proportional to the amount of BTC/GBYTE that they held during the drop. These types of drops can create excitement which often results in significant price action for the particular coin.
For taking part in bounty airdrops, you will likely need active accounts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. You should also have a account, as some drops require participants to post proof of ownership in the forum threads. Most bounty drops will require you to join a Telegram group and share posts on Facebook and Twitter. After completing the steps to reserve rewards, you will often need to fill out a form with your usernames and wallet address.

Popular Airdrops

The following cryptocurrencies were initially distributed for free:
• Byteball • Stellar Lumens • ARDR • NEM
Participants with strong hands were able to generate notable wealth by merely holding these airdropped coins through their volatile growth. We highly recommend to hodl your airdrops as long as possible. There is no doubt that the majority of crypto projects out there are worthless and they will fall to zero, but we bring you projects in which we see future potential. Some of these projects will be very successful, and if you decide to hold onto their tokens, your future self will be thankful.


Although we strive to list only legitimate projects, we are not responsible for any problems or losses caused by scams or inaccurate information. Make sure you never share your private keys!
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[S] [USA-FL] 5 Canon lenses, EOS-1 Ds Mark II, accessories. EF 800mm, EF 70-200mm, Macro EF 180mm, TS-E 24mm, EF 17-40mm

My father in law loved photography. He bought essentially every camera and lens Canon offered back in the day. My wife inherited all of his photography equipment, but neither of us are as devoted to photography. We’re keeping some of the cameras and lenses (and the pelican cases they were kept in), but these items saw the least amount of use, so we’re hoping to find them a good home. I took a few pictures with each lens and the eos-1 to check functionality: all seemed ok, so I’m listing all of these as “good working condition”. If there’s a defect beyond normal cosmetic wear and tear, you may return it and I’ll refund you. All prices are based off of eBay sold items, but I’ll take offers.
Sorry, I took the pictures in this listing with a cellphone camera. I know that’s probably considered a sin on here.
First up for sale is the monster EF 800mm 1:5.6 L IS USM lens. Comes with original Canon case, connection cap, strap, shroud, and pull string bag for the shroud.
Asking price: $6500

Next is the Zoom Lens EF 70-200mm 1:2.8 L IS USM. Comes with a HOYA UV filter, both caps, and a tripod mount.
Asking price: $580 SOLD

Macro Lens EF 180mm 1:3.5 L Ultrasonic. Comes with both caps and tripod mount.
Asking price: $550

Zoom Lens EF 17-40mm 1:4 L USM. Comes with a HOYA Ultra UV filter and both caps.
Asking price: $250 SOLD

TS-E 24mm 1:3.5 L tilt shift lens. I’ve read this one is kind of rare. Comes with Canon EW-75BII and both caps.
Asking price: $450

Each lens except the 17-40mm one will come with its original booklet.
Also for sale is a EOS-1 Ds Mark II body + accessories. Comes with strap, lens cap, Canon NC-E2 charger, two batteries NP-E3, shutter remote, and AC power kit (DC-E1). One of the batteries won’t charge and the other doesn’t last very long (~15 minutes depending on use). A quick google search shows you can still buy these batteries.
Asking price: $300

I have all the serial numbers noted down in case of returns.
If I can’t find a buyer on here, I’ll list them on the spacecoast craigslist, then on eBay, unless anyone has any suggestions for forums I could list them on. While I haven’t sold anything on this subreddit, I have sold many things on /homelabsales, and I have ~500 100% feedback on eBay.
Prices do not include shipping. I prefer local pickup (32935, Melbourne), but I will ship pretty much anywhere, just ask for a quote. All shipping will include insurance. I’ll be flying up to east Tennessee Jan 2nd and driving back to Melbourne Florida on Jan 4th or 5th, so if you live on the way, I could potentially deliver some of these.
Payment via cash (or cashier’s check) in person will receive a 4% discount, PayPal goods and services otherwise. Not sure if I’m allowed to say this, but I’ll accept bitcoin for payment (I’ll remove this statement if mods request it).
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Second largest Polish crypto exchange, Bitmarket, just announced it went bust. REMINDER: NEVER KEEP YOUR COINS ON AN EXCHANGE!

Dear Users,We regret to inform you that due to the loss of liquidity, since 08/07/2019, was forced to cease its operations. We will inform you about further steps.
Red flags in the last few weeks preceding the bankruptcy:
  1. Users were forced to change their passwords (no reason given)
  2. Users' API keys were changed
  3. Some users' withdrawals were halted on the basis of additional KYC requirements. The exchange demanded:
Exchange representatives, active on Polish bitcoin forum, claimed that this was the long overdue KYC requirement and that they were only targeting people with expired IDs. They never addressed users' accusations of hiding the fact that the exchange has been hacked.
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How to succesfully Invest and Basics

This was written for a different group /stocks it got deleted so hopefully this time it works !
I dont want to sell you or recommend anything ! Just my expierence and little help so enjoy. If you want to ask me anything feel free, I try so answer everything.

This article is meant to be a small guide that helps you to find your way. Its based on my experience and knowledge, I gained throughout the years. Iam by far no professional. Iam just a guy who loves to invest. If you are new and have few grands to invest this article might help you.
My motivation to write this article was because when I turned 20 I got a small loan of 1 milli.... just few grands from my parents plus the savings I made from working. For me it was clear that I want to invest them. I always liked the idea making money and not really working for it! (Spoiler its kinda true and kinda not)
So I sum up few steps which will helped me to orientate and maybe help you to make your first investement
Step one 1. Where I can Invest?! You can basicly invest in everything. They are infinite options but I just cover up few topics.
They are 5 investments I would like to adress.
  1. Stocks.
    1. Real estate
    2. Options
    3. Start-ups
    4. Krypto n+1. art, old cars, drugs?! (Don’t do or sell drugs pls!)
Stocks (my fav.) I love stocks. I love understanding what the company’s plans are and where they are heading.
They are 3 different types of investment strategies.
  1. Short term (daily) That’s usually daily trading. That means you invest and sell on a daily basis. If your not a expert it can frustrating and the chances that you will lose is high. Many people forget that you have to pay taxes and fees so even if you for example invest 1.000 and sell for 1.050 within 20 min. You will have to pay some fees and taxes and with luck, you are where you started. It only makes sense when you invest a lot, otherwise it makes no sense and to be honest I don’t know any person which makes profit with it.
Difficulty: Hard
Stress Lvl: High
Risk: Medium/High
Profit: Usualy bad
Investement: Medium
  1. Mid term (6month – 1 year+) You buy some stocks for a longer period of time and hope it will go up soon.
This investment is much easier and less risky than short term. You see a stock going up and up so you invest 5k and hope you can ride a little on this upwards trend. Its fairly easy but you have to keep an eye on the market. A good example is VW it dropped because it has some Image problems. Thats a chance to invest! It will most likely to recover because its the biggest automarker in the world and it did. It happend 1000 times and normaly big companies dont fail they are exception but without risk you dont get anywhere
Difficulty: Medium
Stress: Medium
Risk: Medium
Profit: Good
Investment: Low
  1. Long term ( 1-2years – 10 years+) Means you want to invest for a long time you are not only interested in making a quick buck but making a slow and steady progress. You are not interested if the stock goes up or down but you are more interested how much divendend they pay. Usualy they go up very slowly but steady. A good example for this type of stock is Royal Dutch (shell) it has ist up and downs but compared to other stocks ist stable. The dividend is 6% which is insanly good no other big company will pay you that every year. You invest 10.000€ and get every year 600€ which means a holiday for free. Also the work is very little, you only have to check the stocks every few weeks/month You wont get rich but its better than having it in the bank.
Difficulty: Easy
Stress: Low
Risk: Low
Profit: Low
Investment: Low-Medium
Before you invest check the company read the news and get a good overview. I have to admit Iam a fanboy at heart. When a stock of one of my fav. company’s has potential and it does make sense to invest it feels like buying tickets for my favorite Rockband. You support and cheer them on and if they grow you grow with them. BUUUUUUT don’t get my wrong never buy stocks just because you like the company or they have a cool name.
All in all Stocks are a great Investment!
Real Estate
If you want to invest in houses it’s a very save and profitable investment but it depends on your area and country you are coming from. In Germany most objects are overpriced right now so it wouldnt make any sense to buy some. In generell the more money you have the better. They will will be much more people who can afford an cheap flat/condo than the other way around. So expensive objects are better! The optimum is always a shitty apartment in a very good area. Also buying objects in bad areas cause lots of trouble with tenant. Crazy families who refuse to pay, messy people etc. this can end in a stressful situation so beware of that.
If you are already rich af than buy propreties
I went once to an auction and most apartments are sold for double the estimated value. It would take ages (20+ years) to get your investment back. So beware of your market situation.
Difficulty: Easy
Stress: Usualy low/medium
Risk: Low
Profit: Medium
Investment: High
Options are basicly betting that a stock with go up or down. You can bet on nearly everything. You can make lot of money very quick and lose everything even quicker. For me option trading is gambling with few extra steps. The difference is you can lose more than you invest. They are cases where people invest 1000€ and lose -120.000€ because suddelny the market changed.
If you have gambling problems and tendency to gamble this is absolutly not for you. You can see here (in the forum) lots of bad examples where people going full YOLO on something and lose a ton of money. They save up a little, invest in something even more risky and lose again.
I know a friend who makes good money from it but he has a clear head and read many books about this topic he uses software to analyse the situation and everything and he admits that sometimes he doesnt understand what happend. Of course options are not the devils tool but I like to be the voice against it. The truth is in the middle.
Iam a person who likes to understand what am I doing. After reading and learning about it, for more than a year I was more confused than before. It is probably because Iam to stupid for it, so I gave it up and moved on. Options are not for me
Difficulty: very hard (at least for me)
Stress: high
Risk: low - very risky
Profit: It can be everything
Investment: low
  1. Start-ups
Start-ups are also a great business opportunity. I was lucky enough to invest once a little bit into a upcoming company from my firend. He showed me his company and the plans for the future. I already helped him with few shows and stuff so I knew how everything worked.
The biggest bullshit I ever saw are the analyse prediction of the future sales. During the last few years I saw few of them and they all predicted that the company will make an absurd amount of money. It looked like high cool project all shiny and with big numbers. To be honest I dont even know who pay these people to make such bullshit predictions, seriously.
(as you can see I love talking from my life so forgive me my dear)
Long story short I still invested because I understood their model. They existed and already made great progress. I made 50% profit in 3 years. I am still very happy and greatful to had such good chance to invest and would do it again.
They biggest question is how do I find such chances ?
Tell people you are intersted to invest maybe a friend of you will start an company and you can invest or help you to find such a opprtunity. I went to many start up meetings and talk about a lot with my friends. They dont want to hear it but I tell them anyway and if there is a chance they will call me.
Few Tipps:
- Look for already existing companys
- Most companys give you a very good inside look before you invest! If not watch out they hide something.
- Try to understand what they are doing and where they are heading
- Look what the will offer you for your money!
Difficulty: Medium/hard
Stress: Medium/low
Risk: Medium/High
Profit: Good/Very good
Investment: From Low to high
  1. Krypto
Boy oh boy where to start. I heard to many experts saying yeah krypto thats future boyyyyyy I invested everything BOYYYYYYY and in few month I will be rich BOIIIIII. I heard this story so often that Iam allgeric to it now. This irregulated mess based purly on speculations wasnt anything form me. I didnt invest a cent into it and had lots of chances when bitcoin was 300-500 €. It didnt simply fit into my portfolio. It had no function for me. You could pay for your drugs in the deep web and some hipster pizzerias accepted it but in generell it had no function. So investing into kryptos is just speclutions it has no real fundation what I like.
My friends who invested early made a ton of money but all the people on the Hypetrain crashed.
Difficulty: I dont know
Stress: Depends how much storys you make about it on Instagra´m
Risk: Over 9000
Profit: It can be everything from super high to low in just few days
Investment: What ever you want, if this is still to expensive for you, make your own coin and hope some Idiot buys it!
Now you know my knowledge ehh more like my opionen on few things now its time for……. Step. 2. Get a rough overview
Back than I didn’t know where to start so I asked everybody for advice like parents, friends , my parents friends, banks, forums, news etc. and got very different results.
Friends and family can be a good source of information how they did it. Of course often investments are impossible to repeat because they are 20 years ago but they can give some good advice. Its nice to hear few cool stories.
Royal Dutch shell hast wo different stocks. One based in england (B) one Dutch version (A) (explained very simple, not 100% accurate). If you purchase Royal Dutch (A) you have to pay a 15% withholding tax that you wouldnt when you buy Royal Dutch (B).
Banks are terrible to ask. I always had shitty experience. The lured me into meetings, only to sell some shitty investment models from which they make some good money of me or some stupid insurence. They are not interested in your loses or profits they are interested to sell you the next stupid investement from which the make money. They never keep their promises and if you loose they will cheer you up and show their new hot investement and so on and so on until you loose and they drop you.
My mom works kind of in the finance sector and you wont believe home money older people lost ton of money because of this. I also found few very shady investements opportunities who would be illegal but I wont get into detail cause I dont have 100% proof for it and I also dont want to get in any trouble. As you can see Iam not big fan oft them and do not recommend!
For me charts & news works the best. It’s easily so see what’s going on and gives you a great overview. The chart showed that a stock dropped 5%?! Good! Read the news/forums and find out what is going on! It’s that easy you don’t need 15 monitors and crazy software to understand what is happening. Dont make it to complicated! Have an easy overview about the market which you would like to invest.
My parents invested around a year ago alot in Tesla. It was before Model 3 was released. Tesla had no expierence in mass production and it was clear (at least to me) that they wont have an easy start. They still made no profit and it was the first step to play with the big boys. Back than the Tesla stock was way over 300€ and it was based a lot on speculation and hype. It couldnt live up to they hype and dropped ≈ 30% - 35%.
  1. Few points & strategies
No Emotions
Never ever let your emotions guide you. Stocks are not based on a stomach feeling or any other emotion. Dont invest just because you like Elon Musk or Apple or anything. If I have a the chance to invest into one because the timing is right. Always make sure you know what you are doing. When it can wait a day, sleep a night about it and be sober! You can get sucked up into this world you will start giving a shit if you lose one grand and start digging deeper and deeper and lose sense the value of it. Stay sober and now when you have to stop.
Making losses
It will happend and dont freak out !
They are two options how to handle it and it depends on few things.
  1. Sell them, you see the ship is sinking and their no possibility you can save it than sell it, It hurts but better early than it is to late. Or you find a better possibility to invest for example a start up than its also fine.
  2. Keep it! Turning a Short/Mid-term investement into a long-term investement. Check first if the company will recover from it. For example the VW stocks dropped a lot due it scandal few years ago but it was clear that they will not go bankrupt so after a while they recover from it. Technically the market will grow infinite so after every crash they reach new heights, if you can wait that long the chances are high that you will make some profit and do not lose any money. Maybe the profit will be small but better than losing everything.
Dont put all your eggs in one basket but also dont but every egg in a different basket. Have a good mix that you can still have an overview about your investment. Dont depend on one investment something bad can always happend. Having a good mix is important some investments will go up and few will go down. Its rearly that everything will crash (expect crises). So you can sell the good one and keep the bad ones until they go up.
Stick to the basics! They are a ton of scammers online who want to show you a way to make fast money. Its mostly some MLM (multi level markting) aka Pryamide sheme, some buying and reselling some stuff from China or some weird option trading platform where pay in and your money is gone in 5 min without any trace o fit (no chance getting it back)! The Instagram advertisment is so ridiculous and I feel stupid mentioning it but hey if it wouldnt work they wouldnt exist. So please dont be this guy….
I really wanted to invest and have an own start-up. I met many people and visited countless seminars. Few of them offered me to invest but it was a mostly a mess. Onced I got fooled. A friend and I meet a person who had a start up for social media. We had some meetings restaurant he paid everything for us and looked very legit. I worked 3-4 month in this start up 3-4 hours a day, even on weekends for free. Only later to find out I was the only one working in it. (My friend pulled out very early cause he wanted to focus on his PhD) They rest oft he Team did absolute nothing! All the money the company generated was based on my work. They didnt make a lot of money but around 600-800€ a month. The founder spend all the money on vacation and stuff. I never got anything. They wanted to sell me 10% of the company for 15.000€. I always said I need more inside infos, which of course I never got. So I pulled out and they went mad and threaten me to sue me. I feel to this day ashamed that I trusted them and didnt saw it.
If you want get into something like this make a contract dont rely on handshakes people will tell you everything and wont keep it. I learned it the hard way
Be open minded
I met enough people who dont want to share with me their portfolio because they are scared that I will steal something from them. Its stupid! Talk to as many people als possible about your investment. Some amazing things can happend. I meet to many great people because of that and with some I share a 5+ years long friendship maybe we dont share the same ideas but I leanred a lot of it and sometimes I made some profit because of it! Be open !
Prediction & graphic lines
When I did my first Investment (it was gold) I read every morning every article about it I could for at least a solid year. Every monring 20 min Thats rouhly 120 hours. Thats time I will never get back. It was wasted time. The news/articels predicted everything. It was a rollercoaster. I believed it in the beginning because it was new to me. It really messed me up and I spend way to much time overthinking. Its fine to see a prediction but the more extreme it is the more it will never happend.
Also the trendlines are mostly worthless. I read so many people talking about the 50 day trendline or the 200 day trendline. It only idicates if a stock goes up or down but people interepte everything into it. “Oh yeah you can see the restience at 12.50 if it will drop below everbody will sell“. The next day it dropped and nothing happend. Dont believe everything in the internet. (lol)
Keep it simple
Dont make it to complicated you can have the best infos and charts and everything in the world and still lose everything. So dont make it to hard for yourself.
No depts
Dont take a credit just because you know a great investment. No matter how much you could earn DO NOT TAKE A CREDIT. This can not only ruin you financily but also your family and your whole life. This is no joke! Make no depts.
My Strategy
It is a mixture of long term and mid-term stock investments. Its very easy I invested in:
Before I buy some
- Royal Dutch because of the high dividend
- Deutsche Bank when the hit nearly a all time low hoping to recover (still hoping ☹ )
- Lufthansa because they bought few airlines and hopefully will grow but its not (thanks Greta !)
- Tesla because they are low and made some good deals for the future. (update, sold it and made 30-35% in 6 weeks)
Am I rich or making a lot of money?! Hell no! But Iam making enough to pay for my holidays and few extras. I am patient enough to sit out bad times. I never sold anything with loose and I want to keep it that way. I like having a clean record.
Thanks for reading and feel free to ask my everything.
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Relaunching the London Bitcoin Cash Meetup

Relaunching the London Bitcoin Cash Meetup
We are relaunching the London Bitcoin Cash Meetup!
We''re starting small and casual with drinks at the wonderful Westland Coffee & Wine just off Old Street roundabout. Bring your Bitcoin Cash wallet to pay for your drinks. If you don't have one yet that's ok, just bring your smartphone and we'll get you set up and transacting in no time. Please RSVP if you are coming.

Event: Tuesday 7 May 2019 @ 6:30pm
Venue: Westland Coffee & Wine, 1 Westland Pl, London, N1 7LP

The lovely folks at Westland Coffee & Wine used to accept Bitcoin in store from 2015 until fees got out of hand in 2017 but next Tuesday they'll be accepting the low-fee peer-to-peer electronic cash, BCH.

For those wondering why the new group, the original London Bitcoin Cash Meetup has changed organisers and been renamed to London Bitcoin Meetup. As announced at the last event the goal was to cover both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV, but in practice the meetup is sponsored and attended mostly by the Bitcoin SV community. There was an attempt to cover Bitcoin Cash topics in this forum but it unfortunately didn't work out. We wish them well but are creating a new group to focus on Bitcoin Cash. Coin join us!

Thanks to Satoshi Doodles for creating the image and allowing us to use it, and to Widya and Ricardo at Cryptartica for starting the original meetup.
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The True Purpose of the Effect

I wanted to post this on u/LtColumbo403’s Titantic thread but my reply kept getting longer as I typed it so here we are. The Titantic effect reminds me of the Heintz and Coco-cola ones. Two effects that didn’t resonate with me personally but had mountains of residue to back them up.
Here are the residue albums for Heintz and Coco-Cola courtesy of u/nathanielhebert:[email protected]/sets/72157698260274782/with/44763462941/[email protected]/albums/72157665582539568
I made this small album created from a few Titantic images from There are thousands of examples of this but I just chose a few for the sake of brevity. The reason I chose these articles is that they all have BOTH spellings in them. This is a common mandela effect sign where the ‘quantum editing’ computer messes up on certain types of text/code. We are not yet sure if these inconsistencies are being carried out intentionally or unintentionally. As in, are we discovering organic residue or was it left there for us on purpose?
They all show evidence of editing to some extent but i’d like to draw your attention to the first image. It’s a poem from 1912. Look how many times the spelling changes within one poem. Strange no? Now to jump to a completely different effect, pls refer to this site chronicling the life of Court(e)ney Cox where the same ‘editing code error’ happens
It’s not conceivable someone would misspell a word so many times within the same article. What’s intriguing is, what is it about those particular two pieces of residue that make the editing software glitch out when changing them, leaving such obvious errors?
Same with this image of JC Penney/Penny How can both spellings exist in the same image?
As we continue to investigate this phenomenon, we are piling up mountains of evidence for these edits to our reality. Eventually all of us will be vindicated I can assure you. I’m a big crypto guy and often peruse the old forums to see what people were saying about bitcoin when it was first created, how they’d chat about price action and potential to disrupt real markets. I propose there will be many who will look back at these forums in decades or before then, to see who was there at the beginning. Who was around when we first discovered reality was changing? Not only is it changing now, but has been for a very long time.
Some of these older effects we don’t remember because they occurred many decades before we were born apparently. I can only imagine the other ones that might have happened 500 or a 1000 years ago. If they truly go back to the early 1900s, it helps to narrow down who might be responsible.
I think CERN are more culpable for a lot more of the modern editing than people give them credit for. However after seeing such old and seemingly impossible effects like Titantic, Coco-cola and Heintz, I’ve had to re-evaluate the idea that these edits could very well be happening by those from outside of our reality. Like some controller of westworld changing names or brands within a show. They can do it because it’s easy for them. They never thought there’d be residue of the old reality and that we’d remember. Or did they know all along? Was this all left for us intentionally to discover the fractal nature of our world or are they merely editing mistakes? Is someone trying to wake us up from outside of our reality? I think it’s leaning closer to that last explanation than anything else. Especially due to the specific nature of the effects.
Changing the most popular lines in the most famous movies, the most popular artworks (Mona Lisa, the Thinker, Henry the 8th turkey leg) in history, the most widely used brands around the world. Now of course there may have been random pieces of art and other movie lines that have changed, however someone is picking very important pieces of our reality and our history to highlight how fake or malleable the world truly is. Both are effectively the same thing.
The real fascinating part of all this is that in 2019 we have a great understanding of computer technology, have watched plenty of sci if movies and live in an age where miraculous things happen daily. We are the first ones able to really analyse and figure out what’s going on.
Imagine a guy in 1915 looking at Heinz baked beans and thinking he’s lost his mind because they used to be called Heintz. He didn’t have Reddit or Twitter to share his thoughts. He couldn’t even conceive of the concept of quantum editing. I wonder what all those people were thinking back in the days when they first discovered these strange changes with no explanation for them. For all you guys, what’s the earliest effect you remember noticing as a child or an adult?
What’s the point of all of this anyway? Whoever is doing this, why are they doing it? What is the true purpose of the effect? I have my theories but let’s discuss.
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SWOT Analysis of Monero [draft]

Please take a look below at our draft of a Monero SWOT analysis and submit any feedback or suggestions you can find. If there is a webpage that could be linked to support any of these or other suggested items, please share as well.
We will take your input into consideration for the final draft, which will be translated into multiple languages and made available on
Thanks for contributing!

SWOT Analysis of Monero

Monero has been in development since 2014. It utilizes the CryptoNote protocol, which was created in response to the inherent weaknesses of Bitcoin. Here we take a look at the Monero project to determine it’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.




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Clear link between Micheal Patryn and Omar Dhanani

Notice Micheal Patryn and Nazmin Dhanani are listed as officers in the company MPD Advertising:

Also Intraday56 Explained it well here (copied and pasted for your convenience):
"Michael Patryn is one of the founders of Quadrigacx. He is part of a criminal mafia mob and has been to jail before for carding theft, ID theft and ponzi schemes. His real name is Omar Dhanani. Here's an article from coindesk that names Patryn as the cofounder of QuadrigaCx:
Omar Dhanani aka Michael Patryn was one of 6 men arrested for internet ID theft and credit card conspiracy fraud back in 2005. They were operating, a web mob of highly organized criminals. For more info google ShadowCrew.
At the time ShadowCrew was busted by the US Secret Service Omar Dhanani was a resident of Fountain Valley, California. A search on Intelius lists Omar R. Dhanani from Fountain valley, CA along with his relatives, Nazmin Dhanani and Nabatbibi Dhanani.
Now here is where it gets interesting. Nazmin Dhanini and Michael Patryn have apparently registered several companies together, one of them being MPD Advertising:
Omar Dhanini relatives: Nazmin Dhanani and Nabatbibi Dhanani
Michael Patryn: registered at least one company, MPD Advertising Inc with Nazmin Dhanini."

See pastebin below for more info:

"# Michael Patryn

  1. aka. Omar Dhanani
  2. aka. Omar Patryn
  3. ## 2004-10-28
  4. Arrested and convicted in California under the name of Omar Dhanani as a member of Shadowcrew, an organization trafficking stolen credit and identity information primarily using E-Gold
  5. IMPORTANT: Omar Dhanani used the alias Voleur (french for "thief") during his time with Shadowcrew. This is one of the primary connecting threads between the Omar Dhanani and his later aliases as Patryn, owner of VFS-NETWORKS
  9. ### 2004-10-04
  10. According to a Bloomberg article from January 2006 citing a United States Secret Service affidavit, Omar:
  11. "boasted in a chat room that he moved between $40,000 and $100,000 a week. He pled guilty in November to conspiracy to commit fraud and faces up to five years in prison."
  13. ## 2004-10-29
  14. Users on Talkgold forum begin discussing the possibility that a prolific user on the forum, "Patryn" is actually Omar Dhanani.
  16. ## 2005-11-18
  17. An article in The Register describes how Omar Dahnani and 5 others plead guilty to charges laid on them in November 2014:
  18. "The group of six pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to defraud in New Jersey on Thursday in exchange for the state dropping other charges pending against them, Wired reports. They were named as: Andrew Mantovani, 23, and Brandon Monchamp, 22, of Arizona; Kim Taylor, 47, and Omar Dhanani, 22, of California; Jeremy Stephens, 31, of North Carolina; and Jeremy Zielinski, 22, of Florida. In total, 12 people have now pleaded guilty to Shadowcrew-related charges."
  19. "Shadowcrew members are expected to be sentenced between mid-February and mid-March 2006."
  21. ## 2007-05-23
  22. According to US Federal Prison Records, an Omar Dhanani is released from Federal Prison
  24. ## 2008-04-03
  25. MIDAS GOLD Exchange is registered in Canada
  26. under the name Omar Patryn
  27. Specialized in processing anonymous purchases and sale of early digital currencies, particularly Liberty Reserve. (Liberty Reserve was shut down in 2013 for money laundering and facilitating identity theft, credit card theft, narcotics trafficking, and child pornography)
  30. ## 2008-05-30
  31. DNSGEO.COM domain is registered in Panama
  32. This domain was used as an alternative gateway to VFS-NETWORK.COM as seen in the internet archive
  35. for comparison:
  37. ### Reports from users claim that phishing emails we're received from this domain (DNSGEO.COM) shortly after disputing problems with MIDAS GOLD withdrawals and deposits.
  38. Images are included.
  40. ## 2008-08-27
  41. HD-MONEY.COM domain is registered as being located in the Bahamas
  43. ## 2009-02-09
  44. domain is registered
  45. (Voleur Financial Services)
  47. VFS Network was an exchange network bringing together
  48. e-money services like Liberty Reserve and other OmaMichael projects like HD-MONEY.COM, XXX-CHANGE.COM and MIDAS GOLD.
  49. Website now points to, a volunteer service often used by legal authorities to capture data from incoming traffic to the webpage (Was used by authorities after Liberty Reserve's domain was seized)
  52. ### 2009-10-02
  53. VFS-Network publishes that they have met with the management of Liberty Reserve
  55. ### NOTE: Voleur is mentioned as an alias by users on, along with complaints related to MIDAS GOLD. These complaints relate a MIDAS GOLD policy of withholding client's funds depending on how many emails they sent asking about the status of their funds.
  57. ### IMPORTANT: "OWNER" of VFS-NETWORK frequently appears online under the name of Patryn, connecting the alias to Omar Patryn of MIDAS GOLD, although Patryn can be found denying any relationship whatsoever between the businesses. In the same thread below on ComplaintsBoard, Patryn posts with a VFS-NETWORK avatar while describing why he, as an administrator on a MIDAS GOLD-managed forum deleted posts of users making complaints.
  60. ## 2009-05-02
  61. HD-MONEY.COM CEO (Michael Patryn aka Omar Dhanani) informs clients that they are now partnered with Liberty Reserve
  63. ## 2009-09-10
  64. XXX-CHANGE.COM domain is registered (although internet archive shows an as far back as 2001)
  65. Images from internet archive show an important partnership with HD-MONEY and VFS-NETWORK
  67. ## 2009-10-22
  68. MPD ADVERTISING is founded by Nazin Dhanani and Michael Patryn in Vancouver
  69. Nazin is thought to be a sibling of Omar Dhanani aka Michael Patryn
  71. ## 2009-12-25
  72. Complaints surface online about MIDAS GOLD withholding funds with recommendations to report to the Canadian police
  74. ## 2009-12-30
  75. MIDAS GOLD business registration is dissolved by Omar Patryn, but forums show that services continued well into 2011
  77. ###
  78. Around December 2009 , reports begin to surface of payment processors closing down MIDAS GOLD accounts due to overwhelming amounts of complaints from MIDAS GOLD users not receiving their funds from MIDAS GOLD. OmaMichael himself responds in the thread
  80. ### In the same year, Liberty Reserve is investigated by Costa Rican
  81. authorities due to questions as to their funding sources. By 2011 they are denied a business license for these reasons and forced to dissolve. Liberty Reserve continues to do business illegally by routing through 5 separate Costa Rican corporate entities.
  83. ### MIDAS GOLD would be seized by the United States Global Illicit Financial Team sometime between 2010-2011
  85. ## 2013-06-13
  86. Extremely dubious reports of the arrest of an Omar Dhanani in Montreal for money laundering crimes appear on press release websites (very unreliable reports)
  90. ## 2014-04-17
  91. Michael Patryn is nominated to the Bitcoin Foundation by Francis Pouliot, who states in his nomination:
  92. "Michael Patryn has been working with digital currencies since 2002 in the capacity of financial consultant, market maker, and exchanger. As a venture capitalist, Michael has actively invested with and supported over twenty companies within the digital currency space."
  93. ### Which 20 companies? 2002 would be the year Omar Dhanani was working with Shadowcrew laundering funds using E-Gold.
  94. ## 2014-01-26
  95. A profile of Michael Patryn is published on the Lifeboat Foundation website listing him as Director of VFS SECURITIES.
  96. ## 2014-11-12
  97. Quadriga Fintech Solutions is founded by Gerald Cotton and Michael Patryn (Only Gerald Cotton is listed on the SEDAR page for the company).
Copied and pasted from:

Also note early connection between Lovie Horner and Micheal Patryn through the BJJ Foundation (maybe this side-note will be useful at some future point):
Also note early connection between Lovie Horner and Micheal Patryn through the BJJ Foundation (maybe this side-note will be useful at some future point):
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Decred Journal – July 2018

Note: you can read this on Medium, GitHub or old Reddit to view all the links


dcrd: Several steps towards multipeer downloads completed: an optimization to use in-memory block index and a new 1337 chain view. Maintenance: improved test coverage, upgrading dependency management system and preparing for the upcoming Go 1.11 release.
dcrwallet: A big change introducing optional privacy-preserving SPV sync mode was merged. In this mode dcrwallet does not download the full blockchain but only gets the "filters", uses them to determine which blocks it needs and fetches them from random nodes on the network. This has on-disk footprint of 300-400 MB and sync time of minutes, compared to ~3.4 GB and sync time of hours for full sync (these are rough estimates).
jy-p: the server side of SPV (in dcrd) was deployed in v1.2.0, the client side of SPV (in dcrwallet) is in our next release, v1.3.0. Still some minor bugs in SPV that are being worked out. There will be an update to add the latest features from BIP 157/158 in the next few months. SPV will be optional in v1.3.0, but it will become the default after we get a proper header commitment for it (#general)
Decrediton: besides regular bugfixes and design improvements, several components are being developed in parallel like SPV mode, Politeia integration and Trezor support.
Politeia: testing started on mainnet, thanks to everyone who is participating. A lot of testing, bugfixing and polishing is happening in preparation for full mainnet launch. There are also a few missing features to be added before launch, e.g. capacity to edit a proposal and versioning for that, discussion to remain open once voting starts. Decrediton integration is moving forward, check out this video for a demo and this meta issue for the full checklist.
Trezor: Decrediton integration of initial Trezor support is in progress and there is a demo.
Android: app design version 2.0 completed.
dcrdata: development of several chart visualizations was completed and is awaiting deployment. Specifically, voting agendas and historic charts are merged while ticket pool visualization is in testing.
atomicswap: @glendc is seeking reviews of his Ethereum support pull request.
Dev activity stats for July: 252 active PRs, 220 master commits, 34,754 added and 12,847 deleted lines spread across 6 repositories. Contributions came from 6-10 developers per repository. (chart)


Hashrate: the month started at 40.5 and ended at 51.6 PH/s, with a low of 33.3 and a new all time high of 68.4 PH/s. F2Pool is leading with 40-45%, followed by the new BeePool at 15-25% and at 18-23%.
Staking: 30-day average ticket price is 92.6 DCR (-2.1). The price started the month at 94.6 and quickly retreated to month's low of 85 until 1,860 tickets were bought within a single period (versus target 720). This pushed the pool of tickets to 41,970 (2.5% above target), which in turn caused 10 price increases in a row to the month's high of 100.4. This was the highest ticket price seen on the new ticket price algorithm which has been in effect since Jul 2017. Second half of the month there was unusually low volatility between 92 and 94 DCR per ticket. Locked DCR held between 3.75 and 3.87 million or 46.6-48.0% of supply (+0.1% from previous peak).
Nodes: there are 212 public listening and 216 normal nodes per Version distribution: 67% on v1.2.0 (+10%), 24% on v1.1.2 (-1%), 7% on v1.1.0 (-7%). Node count data is not perfect but we can see the steady trend of upgrading to v1.2.0. This version of dcrd is notable for serving compact filters. The increased count of such full nodes allows the developers to test SPV client mode in preparations for the upcoming v1.3.0 release.


Obelisk posted three updates in July. For the most recent daily updates join their Discord.
New miner from iBeLink: DSM7T hashes Blake256 at 7 TH/s or Blake2b at 3.5 TH/s, consumes 2,100 W and costs $3,800, shipping Aug 5-10.
There were also speculations about the mysterious Pangolin Whatsminer DCR with the speed of 44 TH/s at 2,200 W and the cost of $3,888, shipping November. If you know more about it please share with us in #pow-mining channel.


Meet new stake pool: has 1% fees and is hosted by @life.
An interesting detail about stake pool was posted in chat:
emiliomann: stakebrasil is one of the pools with the lowest number of missed and expired tickets. It was one of the first and has a smaller percentage than the most recent ones who haven’t had the time to do so. (...) The Brazilian pool should be the one with the more servers spread around the world: 6 to decrease the latency. This is to explain to you why the [pool fee] rate of 5% (currently around 0.06 DCR) on the reward is also one of the highest. girino: 8 voting wallets now. I just finished setting up a new one yesterday. All of them in different datacenters, 3 in europe, 3 in north america, 1 in brazil and one in asia. We also have 3 more servers, 1 for the front end, one for "stats" and one for dcrdata. (#general)
On the mining side, Luxor started a new set of pool servers inside mainland China, while zpool has enabled Decred mining.
StatX announced Decred integration into their live dashboard and public chat.
Decred was added to Satowallet with BTC and ETH trading pairs. Caution: do your best to understand the security model before using any wallet software.


VotoLegal update:
Marina Silva is the first presidential candidate in Brazil using blockchain to keep all their electoral donations transparent and traceable. VotoLegal uses Decred technology, awesome use case! (reddit)
The story was covered by (translated) and (translated), the latter received hundreds of upvotes and comments on brasil.
On the OTC trading front, @i2Rav from i2trading reports:
We continue to see institutional interest in DCR. Large block buyers love the concept of staking as a way to earn additional income and appreciate the stakeholder rights it affords them. Likening a DCR investment to an activist shareholdebondholder gives these institutions some comfort while dipping their toes into a burgeoning new asset class.


Targeted advertising reports released for June and July. As usual, reach @timhebel for full versions.
Big news in June: Facebook reversed their policy on banning crypto ads. ICO ads are still banned, but we should be OK. My team filled out the appeal today, so we should hopefully hear something within a few days. (u/timhebel on reddit)
After couple weeks Facebook finally responded to the appeal and the next step is to verify the domain name via DNS.
A pack of Stakey Telegram stickers is now available. Have fun!




Featured articles:
Some articles are omitted due to low quality or factual errors.

Community Discussions

Community stats:
Comm systems update:
Twitter: Ari Paul debates "There can be only one" aka "highlander argument".
Reddit and Forum: how ticket pool size influences average vote time; roadmap concerns; why ticket price was volatile; ideas for using Reddit chat for dcrtrader and alternative chat systems; insette's write-up on Andrew Stone's GROUP proposal for miner-validated tokenization that is superior to current OP_RETURN-based schemes; James Liu's paper to extend atomic swaps to financial derivatives; what happens when all DCR are mined, tail emission and incentives for miners.
Chats: why tickets don't have 100% chance to vote; ideas for more straightforward marketing; long-running chat about world economy and failure modes; @brandon's thoughts on tokenizing everything, ICOs, securities, sidechains and more; challenges of staking with Trezor; ideas how to use CryptoSteel wallet with Decred; why exchange can't stake your coins, how staking can increase security, why the function to export seed from wallet is bad idea and why dcrwallet doesn't ever store the seed; ticket voting math; discussion about how GitHub workflow forces to depend on modern web browser and possible alternatives; funding marketing and education in developing markets, vetting contractors based on deliverables, "Decred contractor clearance", continued in #governance.
#dex channel continues to attract thinkers and host chats about influence of exchanges, regulation, HFT, lot sizes, liquidity, on-chain vs off-chain swaps, to name a few topics. #governance also keeps growing and hosting high quality conversations.


In July DCR was trading in USD 56-76 and BTC 0.0072-0.0109 range. A recovery started after a volume boost of up to $10.5 m on Fex around Jul 13, but once Bitcoin headed towards USD ~8,000 DCR declined along with most altcoins.
WalletInvestor posted a prediction on dcrtrader.
Decred was noticed in top 10 mineable coins on

Relevant External

One million PCs in China were infected via browser plugins to mine Decred, Siacoin and Digibyte.
In a Unchained podcast episode David Vorick shared why ASICs are better than GPUs even if they tend toward mining centralization and also described Obelisk's new Launchpad service. (missed in June issue)
Sia project moved to GitLab. The stated reasons are to avoid the risk of depending on centralized service, to avoid vendor lock-in, better continuous integration and testing, better access control and the general direction to support decentralized and open source projects.
Luxor explained why PPS pools are better.
@nic__carter published slides from his talk "An Overview of Governance in Blockchains" from Zcon0.
This article arguing the importance of governance systems dates back to 2007.
Bancor wallet was hacked. This reminds us about the fake feeling of decentralizaion, that custody of funds is dangerous and that smart contracts must have minimum complexity and be verifiable.
Circle announced official Poloniex mobile apps for iOS and Android.
On Jul 27 Circle announced delisting of 9 coins from Poloniex that led to a loss of 23-81% of their value same day. Sad reminder about how much a project can depend on a single centralized exchange.
DCR supply and market cap is now correct on and finally, on Thanks to @sumiflow, @jz and others doing the tedious work to reach out the various websites.

About This Issue

This is the 4th issue of Decred Journal. It is mirrored on GitHub, Medium and Reddit. Past issues are available here.
Most information from third parties is relayed directly from source after a minimal sanity check. The authors of Decred Journal have no ability to verify all claims. Please beware of scams and do your own research.
Chat links were changed to from the static web viewer that suffered from UX issues (filed here and here). We will consider changing back to the static viewer once they are resolved because it does not require javascript to read chat logs.
In the previous issue we introduced "Featured articles". The judgement is subjective by definition, if you feel unfairness or want to debate the criteria please check this issue.
Feedback is appreciated: please comment on Reddit, GitHub or #writers_room.
Contributions are also welcome, some areas are adding content, pre-release review or translations to other languages.
Credits (Slack names, alphabetical order): bee, Haon and Richard-Red.
submitted by jet_user to decred [link] [comments]

Decred Journal — June 2018

Note: You can read this on GitHub, Medium or old Reddit to see the 207 links.


The biggest announcement of the month was the new kind of decentralized exchange proposed by @jy-p of Company 0. The Community Discussions section considers the stakeholders' response.
dcrd: Peer management and connectivity improvements. Some work for improved sighash algo. A new optimization that gives 3-4x faster serving of headers, which is great for SPV. This was another step towards multipeer parallel downloads – check this issue for a clear overview of progress and planned work for next months (and some engineering delight). As usual, codebase cleanup, improvements to error handling, test infrastructure and test coverage.
Decrediton: work towards watching only wallets, lots of bugfixes and visual design improvements. Preliminary work to integrate SPV has begun.
Politeia is live on testnet! Useful links: announcement, introduction, command line voting example, example proposal with some votes, mini-guide how to compose a proposal.
Trezor: Decred appeared in the firmware update and on Trezor website, currently for testnet only. Next steps are mainnet support and integration in wallets. For the progress of Decrediton support you can track this meta issue.
dcrdata: Continued work on Insight API support, see this meta issue for progress overview. It is important for integrations due to its popularity. Ongoing work to add charts. A big database change to improve sorting on the Address page was merged and bumped version to 3.0. Work to visualize agenda voting continues.
Ticket splitting: 11-way ticket split from last month has voted (transaction).
Ethereum support in atomicswap is progressing and welcomes more eyeballs. revamped Press page with dozens of added articles, and a shiny new Roadmap page. a new Decred dashboard by lte13. Reddit announcement here.
Dev activity stats for June: 245 active PRs, 184 master commits, 25,973 added and 13,575 deleted lines spread across 8 repositories. Contributions came from 2 to 10 developers per repository. (chart)


Hashrate: growth continues, the month started at 15 and ended at 44 PH/s with some wild 30% swings on the way. The peak was 53.9 PH/s.
F2Pool was the leader varying between 36% and 59% hashrate, followed by holding between 18% and 29%. In response to concerns about its hashrate share, F2Pool made a statement that they will consider measures like rising the fees to prevent growing to 51%.
Staking: 30-day average ticket price is 94.7 DCR (+3.4). The price was steadily rising from 90.7 to 95.8 peaking at 98.1. Locked DCR grew from 3.68 to 3.81 million DCR, the highest value was 3.83 million corresponding to 47.87% of supply (+0.7% from previous peak).
Nodes: there are 240 public listening and 115 normal nodes per Version distribution: 57% on v1.2.0 (+12%), 25% on v1.1.2 (-13%), 14% on v1.1.0 (-1%). Note: the reported count of non-listening nodes has dropped significantly due to data reset at It will take some time before the crawler collects more data. On top of that, there is no way to exactly count non-listening nodes. To illustrate, an alternative data source, showed 690 reachable nodes on Jul 1.
Extraordinary event: 247361 and 247362 were two nearly full blocks. Normally blocks are 10-20 KiB, but these blocks were 374 KiB (max is 384 KiB).


Update from Obelisk: shipping is expected in first half of July and there is non-zero chance to meet hashrate target.
Another Chinese ASIC spotted on the web: Flying Fish D18 with 340 GH/s at 180 W costing 2,200 CNY (~340 USD). (asicok.comtranslated, also on asicminervalue)
dcrASIC team posted a farewell letter. Despite having an awesome 16 nm chip design, they decided to stop the project citing the saturated mining ecosystem and low profitability for their potential customers.

Integrations is a new mining pool spotted on
Exchange integrations:
Two OTC trading desks are now shown on exchanges page.
BitPro payment gateway added Decred and posted on Reddit. Notably, it is fully functional without javascript or cookies and does not ask for name or email, among other features.
Guarda Wallet integrated Decred. Currently only in their web wallet, but more may come in future. Notable feature is "DCR purchase with a bank card". See more details in their post or ask their representative on Reddit. Important: do your best to understand the security model before using any wallet software.


BlueYard Capital announced investment in Decred and the intent to be long term supporters and to actively participate in the network's governance. In an overview post they stressed core values of the project:
There are a few other remarkable characteristics that are a testament to the DNA of the team behind Decred: there was no sale of DCR to investors, no venture funding, and no payment to exchanges to be listed – underscoring that the Decred team and contributors are all about doing the right thing for long term (as manifested in their constitution for the project).
The most encouraging thing we can see is both the quality and quantity of high calibre developers flocking to the project, in addition to a vibrant community attaching their identity to the project.
The company will be hosting an event in Berlin, see Events below.
Arbitrade is now mining Decred.



Media a new website by @mm:
Hey guys! I'd like to share with you my latest adventure: Stakey Club, hosted at, is a website dedicated to Decred. I posted a few articles in Brazilian Portuguese and in English. I also translated to Portuguese some posts from the Decred Blog. I hope you like it! (slack)
@morphymore translated Placeholder's Decred Investment Thesis and Richard Red's write-up on Politeia to Chinese, while @DZ translated Decred Roadmap 2018 to Italian and Russian, and A New Kind of DEX to Italian and Russian.
Second iteration of Chinese ratings released. Compared to the first issue, Decred dropped from 26 to 29 while Bitcoin fell from 13 to 17. We (the authors) restrain ourselves commenting on this one.
Featured articles:

Community Discussions

Community stats: Twitter followers 40,209 (+1,091), Reddit subscribers 8,410 (+243), Slack users 5,830 (+172), GitHub 392 stars and 918 forks of dcrd repository.
An update on our communication systems:
Jake Yocom-Piatt did an AMA on CryptoTechnology, a forum for serious crypto tech discussion. Some topics covered were Decred attack cost and resistance, voting policies, smart contracts, SPV security, DAO and DPoS.
A new kind of DEX was the subject of an extensive discussion in #general, #random, #trading channels as well as Reddit. New channel #thedex was created and attracted more than 100 people.
A frequent and fair question is how the DEX would benefit Decred. @lukebp has put it well:
Projects like these help Decred attract talent. Typically, the people that are the best at what they do aren’t driven solely by money. They want to work on interesting projects that they believe in with other talented individuals. Launching a DEX that has no trading fees, no requirement to buy a 3rd party token (including Decred), and that cuts out all middlemen is a clear demonstration of the ethos that Decred was founded on. It helps us get our name out there and attract the type of people that believe in the same mission that we do. (slack)
Another concern that it will slow down other projects was addressed by @davecgh:
The intent is for an external team to take up the mantle and build it, so it won't have any bearing on the current c0 roadmap. The important thing to keep in mind is that the goal of Decred is to have a bunch of independent teams on working on different things. (slack)
A chat about Decred fork resistance started on Twitter and continued in #trading. Community members continue to discuss the finer points of Decred's hybrid system, bringing new users up to speed and answering their questions. The key takeaway from this chat is that the Decred chain is impossible to advance without votes, and to get around that the forker needs to change the protocol in a way that would make it clearly not Decred.
"Against community governance" article was discussed on Reddit and #governance.
"The Downside of Democracy (and What it Means for Blockchain Governance)" was another article arguing against on-chain governance, discussed here.
Reddit recap: mining rig shops discussion; how centralized is Politeia; controversial debate on photos of models that yielded useful discussion on our marketing approach; analysis of a drop in number of transactions; concerns regarding project bus factor, removing central authorities, advertising and full node count – received detailed responses; an argument by insette for maximizing aggregate tx fees; coordinating network upgrades; a new "Why Decred?" thread; a question about quantum resistance with a detailed answer and a recap of current status of quantum resistant algorithms.
Chats recap: Programmatic Proof-of-Work (ProgPoW) discussion; possible hashrate of Blake-256 miners is at least ~30% higher than SHA-256d; how Decred is not vulnerable to SPV leaf/node attack.


DCR opened the month at ~$93, reached monthly high of $110, gradually dropped to the low of $58 and closed at $67. In BTC terms it was 0.0125 -> 0.0150 -> 0.0098 -> 0.0105. The downturn coincided with a global decline across the whole crypto market.
In the middle of the month Decred was noticed to be #1 in onchainfx "% down from ATH" chart and on this chart by @CoinzTrader. Towards the end of the month it dropped to #3.

Relevant External

Obelisk announced Launchpad service. The idea is to work with coin developers to design a custom, ASIC-friendly PoW algorithm together with a first batch of ASICs and distribute them among the community.
Equihash-based ZenCash was hit by a double spend attack that led to a loss of $450,000 by the exchange which was targeted.
Almost one year after collecting funds, Tezos announced a surprise identification procedure to claim tokens (non-javascript version).
A hacker broke into Syscoin's GitHub account and implanted malware stealing passwords and private keys into Windows binaries. This is a painful reminder for everybody to verify binaries after download.
Circle announced new asset listing framework for Poloniex. Relevant to recent discussions of exchange listing bribery:
Please note: we will not accept any kind of payment to list an asset.
Bithumb got hacked with a $30 m loss.
Zcash organized Zcon0, an event in Canada that focused on privacy tech and governance. An interesting insight from Keynote Panel on governance: "There is no such thing as on-chain governance".
Microsoft acquired GitHub. There was some debate about whether it is a reason to look into alternative solutions like GitLab right now. It is always a good idea to have a local copy of Decred source code, just in case.
Status update from @sumiflow on correcting DCR supply on various sites:
To begin with, none of the below sites were showing the correct supply or market cap for Decred but we've made some progress.,,,, - corrected!, - awaiting fix - refused to fix because devs have coins too? (slack)

About This Issue

This is the third issue of Decred Journal after April and May.
Most information from third parties is relayed directly from source after a minimal sanity check. The authors of Decred Journal have no ability to verify all claims. Please beware of scams and do your own research.
The new public Matrix logs look promising and we hope to transition from Slack links to Matrix links. In the meantime, the way to read Slack links is explained in the previous issue.
As usual, any feedback is appreciated: please comment on Reddit, GitHub or #writers_room. Contributions are welcome too, anything from initial collection to final review to translations.
Credits (Slack names, alphabetical order): bee and Richard-Red. Special thanks to @Haon for bringing May 2018 issue to medium.
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